8 Ways to Make Your Perfume Long-lasting

8 Ways to Make Your Perfume Long-lasting

Is perfume one of the essential things for you? If yes, we are going to help you with how to make it more long-lasting even though you have a lot of activities to do.

When the scent of your perfume doesn’t stay long, it puts you in a bad mood. It has faded away a couple of hours. Our pro tips will save you from this issue without spending the whole bottle to spray.

8 Ways to Make Your Perfume Long-lasting
8 Ways to Make Your Perfume Long-lasting

It’s a fact that people hope that they smell good throughout the day. Some experts suggest that we should know how and where to apply perfume so we can feel like our fragrance stays since the first moment we spray it on. Once we know the tricks, it’s not only the fragrance that will be long-lasting but also we won’t waste our bottle of perfume.

So, without further ado, let’s read how to store our fragrance on us. These eight simple and easy tricks will maximize the use of perfume all night long

even though you go through a busy day!

  1. Let the hairbrush sprayed

Have you ever tried to spray your hairbrush instead of your hair? The reason is that your hair can’t hold the alcohol in your perfume. That’s why we don’t recommend you spray it to your hair. Try to spray your hairbrush lightly or buy a bottle of perfume specifically for your hair, so it will help you to smell good for the whole day.

8 Ways to Make Your Perfume Long-lasting
8 Ways to Make Your Perfume Long-lasting
  1. Put the perfume

Our next pro tip is to remind you to put the perfume away from the bathroom. Dampness and humidity can make your scent breaks down and weaken the smell. We suggest you put it in the bedroom.

  1. Moisture your skin

Did you know that fragrance stays longer on the moisturized skin? That’s the reason why lotion perfume exists. We recommend you to apply lotion before you spray your perfume.

  1. Know the right time

The scent will rub off when you get to dress as soon as you spray the perfume instead of wait for it until dry. Damp skin will make the smell stays longer.

  1. Maximize the last drop

Use every drop of your perfume when you use it. You can mix your body lotion and perfume to lock the scent. By doing this way, you maximize the use of your fragrance.

  1. Understand perfume’s types

There are usually three different types of perfume: Eau de perfume, Extrait de perfume, eau de toilette, eau de cologne, and body spray. What differs them is the concentration of fragrance. If you want to purchase perfume, make sure you choose Extrait de perfume or Eau de perfume that is more pungent.

  1. Avoid shaking

Shaking your bottle of perfume isn’t recommended. It should be standstill. If you shake the bottle before using it, it will reduce the quality since you let the air goes inside of it.

  1. Keep the box

The pretty box of perfume comes with a reason. You can keep it to protect your scent from daylight. It will avoid it to break down the smell and decrease the oil.